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Karl Pilkington, An Idiot Abroad

The travel documentary, An Idiot Abroad, is created and featured by Karl Pilkington alongside colleagues Ricky Gervais and Stephen Merchant. The first series documents Karl’s journey where he visits the Seven Wonders of the World of which include the pyramids in Egypt and the Great Wall of China. Despite these jaw dropping experiences, most of the footage is focused on Karl’s hilarious and naive reaction to cultural differences. On this epic adventure, Gervais and Merchant take full advantage of Pilkington’s unwillingness to travel. Karl’s reluctant attitude to explore the world creates a platform for humour and provocation. To make things more interesting, Gervais and Merchant would unexpectedly call Karl during his trip and surprise him with tasks that are often not related to the purpose of his visit. This would create genuine annoyance and frustration from Pilkington as he is constantly pushed out of his comfort zone.

The second series followed a similar trend however instead of visiting the Seven Wonders of the World, Karl would choose activities from his “bucket list.” To begin with, Karl was very reluctant to embark on a second series. The only condition he had was that he would choose what he would do and where he would go although it is never as clear cut as that with Merchant and Gervais always lurking in the background. One episode saw an enthusiastic Pilkington travel to Australia with the plan to swim with dolphins. However this was cruelly and intentionally changed at the last minute to cage diving with sharks where Karl nearly suffered a nervous breakdown.


Karl Pilkington: Fact or Fiction?

For those of you who are not familiar with the man and the comedy legend that is Karl Pilkington, let me briefly introduce you to him. Born in 1972, the perfectly spherical and bald headed man originated from the heart of Manchester.  Karl Pilkington first hit the scene as a producer for the well known radio station, Xfm. It was here that he struck up a rather fortunate relationship with the likes of Ricky Gervais and Stephen Merchant that would later see his career rocket sky high.

During stand ups, Gervais would wet the appetites of the audience by frequently dropping in comical lines said by the manc producer. The public demanded to hear more from ‘the round headed buffoon that is Karl Pilkington.’  The success from stand ups and the hilarious sitcom, The Office, gave birth to the era of the podcast: The Ricky Gervais Series. This was the perfect platform to unleash Pilkington to the eagerly awaiting public. The self proclaimed ‘Podfather’ – Gervais , sat alongside Merchant and Pilkington and shared hours of entertaining  drivel to a rapidly growing fan base. With such comments as “You never see a black ghost, do you?” and “Jellyfish, they are 98% water, give ‘em another 2% and make ‘em water”, Pilkington became an overnight sensation on the record breaking Ricky Gervais podcast series.