Karl Pilkington Suzanne

Many people are curious to know more about the relationship between Karl Pilkington Suzanne. Followers of Karl Pilkington will know he is with a long term girl friend named Suzanne. This has resulted in more and more people searching the web for more information about Karl Pilkingtons girlfriend Suzanne. Fans of Pilkington are interested in exploring the life of such a funny and obscure man. People want to delve deeper into the life of such a simple and innocent man and are curious to find out what kind of relationship he is in.

The couple met when they were both working at a radio station in Manchester. Karl Pilkington explains that Suzanne was at a hot chocolate machine and gave him 20 pence to get one for himself. They bumped into each other again where Suzanne bought him another hot chocolate. Karl reveals that she never asked for the 20 pence back and he thought to himself “She’s alright”. It has been joked by colleagues Ricky Gervais and Stephen Merchant that Karl never spends a penny on Suzanne so Karl is at least 40 pence up in the relationship.

It appears that Suzanne has a lot of patience with Karl and tends to ignore some of his immature and nonsensical comments. Both Karl Pilkington and Suzanne appear very happy together however marriage is not at the forefront of Karls mind. This is mainly due to the fact that Karl hates a big spectacle where he is the centre of attention. He feels that it is pointless and a waste of money and that you have to stand pretending to be happy to everyone all day. Karl believes that their lives would remain the same regardless of marriage and even avoids conversations with Suzanne about weddings and children.

Karl would sometimes discuss his relationship with Suzanne over a conversation with Ricky Gervais and Stephen Merchant. These conversations would be mostly via the radio or the Ricky Gervais Podcast where Karl would light heartedly banter Suzanne’s’ “fat arse” or the fact he didn’t like her latest haircut. It has been rumoured that Suzanne was not very pleased about the comments made, especially over the radio. However, Suzanne has remained out of the spot light for all of these years and most people would fail to recognise her in the streets.

Karl is not one to show emotions and as previously said he is teased for being tight with his money. A prime example of this was when he left his job after 10 years service at London radio station Xfm. He was asked what he would like as a leaving present and Karl responded with a digital camera. Suzanne received that very same camera for Christmas with no idea that it was bought as a leaving present for Karl. Karl went to the effort of crossing the name out and it read on the present as Karl Pilkington Suzanne.

Karl’s ability to find and keep a girlfriend for many years has baffled and amazed listeners. With the limited insight that the listener has into the relationship of Karl Pilkington and Suzanne, it appears that they have a very unique and perfectly happy bond.

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